The event will take place in:
Aula "Franco Tricerri", first floor, at
Università di Firenze
50134 Firenze, Italy


  • Airports:
  • Trains:
    • timetable: Trenitalia, and also Italo;
    • the department is located 10min walk from Firenze Rifredi;
    • the main station in the city center is Firenze SMN (Santa Maria Novella);
    • ticket from Firenze Rifredi to Firenze SMN cost 1,50 euros, and can be bought at the vendor machines.
  • Buses:
    • line 14 (timetable) connects the department to the city center:
      • direction towards "Il Girone / Via Della Ripa": from "Viale Morgagni" (department) to "Morgagni 06" (hotel Careggi) to "Stazione Valfonda" (central station); 
      • direction towards "Niccolo' Da Tolentino / Piazza Di Careggi": from "stazione largo Alinari" (central station) to "Morgagni 05" (hotel Careggi) to "Brambilla" (department).
We will book rooms for the speakers in the following hotel:
Other hotels in the nearby of the department are:
There are also some double rooms available at Residenza Universitaria Calamandrei at a discount price: please contact the organizers.

Please feel free to contact the organizers if you need further suggestions or for help in finding accommodation.

Social Dinner
The social dinner will be help on thursday April 21, at 20:00, at Ristorante Mirò, in Viale Giovan Battista Morgagni 7.